Experienced and Exceptional Consultants

Our Consultants

dr. Ridwan Gustiana, MPH.

Head of Consultant Solusi Consulting, Public Health Specialist and Social Entrepreneur,. Graduated Master of International Public Health in Humanitarian from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Ridwan has excellent skills in conducting operational research using quantitative and qualitative methodologies in improving the public health programs implemented by humanitarian or development organization especially in Communicable Disease Control, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition and Early Childhood Development. Founder and Chairman of IBU Foundation, Ridwan has excellent knowledge and skills in non-profit management both programmatically and operationally. A SPHERE Standard, Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Preparedness, Behavior Change Communication and Community Led Total Sanitation, Ridwan has very good knowledge and skills in conducting training and research in those areas. A visiting Lecturer for Public Health Department of University of Padjadjaran, Ridwan continuously expands his network of consultants and strengthen the Solusi Consulting to continuously provide a quality of consultancy services to the clients.

Widianto Soekarnen, SH

Legal Advisor and Consultant, Program Manager Solusi Consulting. A lawyer and motivated social activities, Widhie has very good knowledge about legal situation in Indonesia, this knowledge could be applied in providing advisory to research, organization development or advocacy.

Dadan Mulyana, S.Si.

Statistician and Disaster Management Specialist. Training Coordinator at Solusi Consulting. Graduated from Statistic Department of Padjadjaran University, Dadan has extensive work in Disaster Response during his work with IBU Foundation. Internationally SPHERE Standard trainer, Dadan Mulyana has very good skills in planning and conducting participatory training in the area of disaster management.

Isma Novitasari Yusadiredja

Key skills include Monitoring and Evaluation, conducted dozens of donor-funded evaluation projects; Qualitative and Quantitative Research; Public Policy, mainly policy on Maternal and Child Health and infectious Diseases control. Hold Master degrees from University of Heidelberg on International Health and Bandung Institute of Technology on Operational Management.

Aly Diana

My dream is focused on public health nutrition, especially in the area of improving maternal and child health through national/international health program. I am interested in understanding the factors that affect growth and development of infants and young children. Following my dreams, I involved especially in projects related to maternal and child health/nutrition, including: need assessment, develop training materials, train health staff/cadres, conduct baseline/endline survey, and quantitative data analysis. I have a master degree from University of Queensland on Public Health (Nutrition).

dr. Mohammad Faisal Siregar.

Director of Rumah Solusi, Vice Director of Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran Currently studying Master Degree in Hospital Management in Padjadjaran University.

dr. Annisa Rahmalia, MPH.

Public Health and Environment Specialist. Graduated Master Degree from University of Sheffield, UK and Ecole des Hautes en Sante Publique (EHESP), France (Europubhealth Program).

Rafi Dean Dwimalela A.Md.

Adventurer and Rumah Solusi's Marketing Officer. Have a diploma from Telkom University in Marketing Management and currently continued his bachelor degree studies in Management at Widyatama University. Strong in data analysis and create an effective and efficient Team Management Strategy to achieved target. Hold UTAMA's Asosiasi Experiential Learning Indonesia and Basic Course Jungle Rescue Badan SAR National's certification. Active in humanitarian activities at Sadagori Response Team ( Yayasan Sadagori Indonesia) and Forum Pengurangan Resiko Bencana Jawa Barat.

Riki Gustiansyah, SE.,

An Economy Bachelor, Operation Manager of Rumah Solusi, a social & humanitarian activist, a dreamer of being a successful entrepreneur, and an amateur graphic designer.

Derry Destian, S.Si.

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